Game rules - Destiny's Divide

Game rules


Game Rules

While the game stages are happening automatically within the game, for advanced players it will be important to know how the mechanics work. As it can be important in certain situations.

  • Remove decay
  • Replenish energy/Heal beings/Beginning of turn abilities trigger
  • Beginning of turn
  • Draw a card
  • Main phase
  • End turn

Game is played with 2 players. Heroes are special cards that represent the player, they have abilities that can be used once per game(unless otherwise stated by cards).

At the start of the game:

A coin is flipped, the player that wins the coin flip gets to decide who starts first.

The player starting second will receive Cheat 1 on their first and fifth turn.

Then, the players ban one Sharedboard card from their opponent.

Players will draw 4 cards, they can replace whatever cards they don't like (put on the bottom of the deck) and draw that many, then shuffle the deck. This can only be done once.

The game is then started and the player who won the coin toss goes first. The player starting the game, doesn’t draw the card on their first turn.

The game is played by turns and opponents can not play cards during the players turn.

Maximum hand size is 10, after that each card drawn is destroyed.

Maximum beings on each player's board is 8.

If the players reach 0 cards in the deck and they draw a card the game is finished and the player loses.

The game starts with the life total that the hero they chose has. When players get to 0 or less they lose the game.

Players draw one card in the draw phase of the turn, they can draw additional cards if otherwise by card abilities. They can also draw a card at any time on their turn by discarding 3 cards.

A turn lasts for 90 seconds, but the players can also extend their turn timer a few times per match.

The player not starting the game gains the mechanic “cheat 1” for the first card they play in the game (The next card they play costs 1 less.) - If they decide not to play a card the first turn they keep the cheat 1 until they play the first card of the game.

Every time the player starts the turn all their beings are fully healed.

When a being enters the game it is affected by “Battle Fever”, meaning it can’t attack on their first turn.
Beings can attack other beings or players at will. unless otherwise stated by card abilities. (eg, Guard, Aerial or Burrow.)

Destroyed cards are put into the Afterlife. Cards can have mechanics that do not put them there, or certain abilities that also can bring the cards back.

Activated abilities can be used at any time on the turn.

Activated abilities can be used once per their owners turn.

Activated abilities are NOT affected by battle fever, so they can be used immediately after the being enters the game.

Passive abilities will activate immediately when the card enters the game.

There is a limit of 8 beings that each player can have on the board at the same time and 4 auras.

Players can cast as many cards as they want each turn, however they have limited resources to do so.

All cards cost energy, players can spend energy at will, but can not play cards that cost more energy than they have available, unless otherwise stated by a mechanic(cheat). Cards spend energy, for example. A player starts with 8 energy for the turn, they cast a card that costs 3 energy. They now only have 5 energy left to play cards.

In some game modes, games are played to a best of 2. Players can change their shared board cards between matches, as well as their Heroic being, however all cards must be part of the original 45 cards. Other cards and the hero must stay the same. (not implemented yet)